What is 3-4-50?

You can do 3 things to prevent 4 diseases that kill more than 50% of our community.

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3-4-50 Rating 54%

That means 54 percent of our community dies from 3-4-50 related diseases every year. See below for a breakdown percentage of those Chronic Disease Deaths (Rounded Up)

Cancer in
Kearny Mesa

Shown in red, Cancer accounts for 44% of our communities deaths from 3-4-50 related diseases. Help lower our score.

2011 Cancer Details

Number of Deaths Rate
307 219.2


Population Income In Poverty College Degree
151,696 $67,056 12.4% 37.9%

Health Behaviors

Exercising Eating Healthy Smoking Overweight
55.0% 56.8% 10.3% 48.2%

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